About Me

Hey everyone!

My name is Hannah and I am a 16 year old, Australian blogger.

I love writing- so for me to have the opportunity to share my thoughts to the world is phenomenal! I enjoy art, keeping fit and healthy, shopping (as any typical girl does), and always smiling.

Creating a blog was an idea to present my little self to the gigantic world offering advice and fun regarding organization, study, health and lifestyle.

I found my life use to be such a mess. And during school I would freak out because I had no time, no organization techniques, and no idea how to study. So I wanted to offer others what I would have wanted.

This blog is my life in only a few little words:)



*Unless stated otherwise, I am not promoting any products, companies, or items featured on my blog.
*All products, companies, or items that I have been asked to show on my blog will be visible to all readers with ‘ad’ in the title of that post.
*All products, companies, or items that I have been asked to show on my blog and I have BEEN PAID for will be marked with an ‘*’ against their name. 
*If you want a specific guide for your body, I highly recommend consulting a personal trainer or nutritionist. I do not take responsibility for how any fitness or health tips posted on my blog are used. 
*(In regards to my Fitspirational Fridays posts) Everyone is beautiful in their own way. You should be happy with however you look. I am not at all saying you NEED to loose weight. I am just putting an option out there for those of you who WANT to loose weight OR get fit.


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